What is the light about?

Mar 21, 2023    Dr. Darrick Fields

Additional notes:

"Darkness must leave in light."

Acts 17:28-live, move, & have our being

"We perish in darkness."

John 8:12- I am the light of the world

John 15:3-you are already clean because of the Word

John 3:17-21-hate the light fearing sinful activities will be exposed

Isaiah 5:10-11-Watch out. Don't live in your own light and warm yourself by your own fire. You will be tormented.

Jeremiah 17:5-Don't put your trust in man ( including yourself)

"Can't be afraid of going into the unknown when you're accompanied by an unknown God." ~Dr. Darrick Fields

John 10:27-Jesus' sheep know His voice

Proverbs 3:5-6-Trust God and always acknowledge Him

John 13:34-36-Everyone will know whose you are by your love for one another.

"Trusting God is Plan A and Plan A - no safety net required" ~Daniel Mendoza